Top 10 Most Read EA blog posts of 2018

The Electrical Apparatus magazine blog was one of the first digital supplements to our monthly magazine beginning in the summer of 2011. One of the firsts posts was a preview of the July 2011 issue. The blog has evolved over the years sharing timely news, previews of upcoming issues and trade shows, extra photographs from articles, and now houses the posts of the EA’s weekly Direct & Current e-newsletter (free to receive each week)

In the past year more than three hundred posts were published and many shared on the Direct & Current e-newsletter. Here are the ten most viewed posts of 2018.

  1. Obituary: Bill Swiger. This sweet memorial of the founder of Swiger Coil Systems was first posted on November 1, 2018 and shared in an issue of the Direct & Current e-news. It is the most viewed EA blog post in 2018.
  2. Startup Your Motors. A blog post from one of the earliest issues of the Direct & Current e-newsletter in January 2016 that shares the story of small motor company LC Drives, which has an interesting history for such a young company.

  3. Sulzer Acquires Brithinee. Another recent post from November 8, 2018 that was featured as an item in the Direct & Current e-news. This blog post detailed the expansion of European ‘powerhouse’ electromechanical company Sulzer.

  4. Fluke’s interactive game tests player troubleshooting. This popularity of this post appears to be long-lasting. It was first posted in March 2013 and has continued to be one of the most read posts on the EA blog. It is a fun post about a training game from Fluke.

  5. Baldor no more. Most of the industry can easily guess what this post from March 1, 2018 is about: the introduction of ABB Motors & Mechanical, Inc., the new name for Baldor Electric Company. This post was published in the Direct & Current e-newsletter.

  6. Precision Expands. The Direct & Current e-newsletter allows the EA editors to share recent industry news at a faster rate than our monthly magazine, so it is no surprise that the news of Precision Coil & Rotor’s expansion was one of the featured posts on October 18, 2018 before making news Electrical Apparatus magazine.

  7. Beloit-Tightening. Debuting on December 6, 2018, this post about the sale of Regal Beloit’s drives and systems division also readers readers in the Direct & Current e-newsletter before publication in Electrical Apparatus magazine.

  8. E-Bikes Go Mainstream. This post about the debut of two new e-bikes from General Motors can be found in the November 8, 2018 issue of the Direct & Current e-newsletter, which contained two of the most viewed EA blog posts. Maybe that makes it the most popular e-news issue of 2018!

  9. Fear not! “Electrical Systems Maintenance for Dummies” now available. In May 2015 this book from John Wiley Publishing and Shermco Industries was announced on the EA blog. This is the second blog post from before the Direct & Current e-newsletter to continue reaching new readers years after its publication.

  10. Battery Breakthrough. The tenth most viewed EA blog post of 2018 is a look at zinc batteries and recent battery technology that was first published in the September 27, 2018 issue of the Direct & Current e-newsletter.

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