Mythbusters Jr. Magnet Magic

The original Mythbusters television show premiered in 2003 on the Discovery Channel with 296 episodes through its 2016 finale. Always a popular and beloved show by viewers, a spin-off, Mythbusters Jr., with original host Adam Savage aired its first episode in early January 2019. This time, Mr. Savage and a group of bright, curious children seek the answers to myths from science to television with experiments.

The original host Adam Savage is not the only famous name on Mythbusters Jr. In the recent tenth episode, the yellow scrapyard magnet from City Machine Technologies that captivated the White House’s South Lawn in the Made In America Showcase in July 2018 appeared onscreen to investigate the famous magnet scene from Breaking Bad.

Claudia Kovach of City Machine Technologies explained how the magnet was hired for the job by saying, “Once Mike and Chip came back from [Washington] D.C., we got a call from California about the new show.” From there, the large yellow magnet was shipped to California for filming. Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, joined the Mythbusters Jr. team to prove or disprove if a scrapyard magnet could erase a computer hard drive and draw metal objects from one side of the same room to the other.

Some of the young scientists on the Mythbusters Jr. team asked Mr. Gilligan what Breaking Bad was and he reputedly “told the kids it is a show they should not watch,” according to Ms. Kovach, who also said that the City Machine Technologies team had a viewing party to watch their star magnet on television.

We won’t spoil the results of the experiment in case you want to catch the episode when it airs again on the Discovery Channel on February 9, but suffice to say that the City Machine Technologies magnet could be looking at a future acting career. Claudia joked that they may need to raise the price if they ever sold the famous magnet.

For the trailer of the episode and a glimpse of the magnet click here.

Adam Savage with CMT magnet

Mythbusters Jr. host Adam Savage poses with the City Machine Technologies magnet. –Science Channel


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