ICC’s New Additions

The woman-owned small business is proving to be a force with job creation

ICC International, the industrial commutator experts from Maryville, Tenn., added eight new employees to its ranks in the past 30 days. Not only is it always special to see job creation in our industries, but EA readers familiar with this company will recall ICC as a woman-owned, small business that has been steadily growing for the past 35 years.

The new employees are listed below, with some of their own input and help from President and CEO Laura Lyke, who expressed her trademark enthusiasm and business eye on the subject. “These are our latest hires, though I anticipate hiring a couple more in the coming weeks,” Lyke told Electrical Apparatus this week. “Coming off a record year, we have finally made the decision to add employees since we see no signs of slowdown. The decision is not taken lightly, since, as you know, we are very vested in the success and long-term employment of all our people.”

Robert “Burt” Thompson, a local resident, supporting production and machining staff

Ma’Lisa Fentress, machinist and production specialist who joins ICC after an apprenticeship with the naval shipyard in Norfolk, VA

Josh Tiller (part-time), brother of a long-term employee who has been a part of the ICC family since he was a child

Larry Hersley, a new senior machinist who moved from Greensburg, IN specifically to work with the company

Daniel “Kevin” Burch, a “gentle giant” with the skills that project to lead the evening shift to greater productivity; now local, Burch comes from Arizona originally

Claude Ramsey – a customer-driven production employee who shows great promise

Roger “Lennie” Mason – a former carpenter from Blount County, TN, who will bring “tremendous” skills to evenings

Taylor Schafer – a young, energetic man from the Maryville area who is eager to learn and be trained on a wide range of production work centers

Pictured: New employees Lisa, a machinist; Kevin, and Taylor, both on front end production.—ICC photo

ICC is in the middle of a growth spurt and Lyke continued that “one of the greatest opportunities it brings is new hires.” Over the last 30 days, the company has hired the aforementioned new employees, and potentially expects even more. ICC’s business philosophy is clearly centered around a strong workforce that leads to quality output. The company builds industrial commutators that reach 12 feet in diameter for customers around the world. Its employees have grown the business by 600% under current ownership. “We are not a production facility where commutators and slip rings are created at the push of a button,” the company states on its website, a mantra echoed through these actions. “We are excited to welcome all of our new employees and expanding our already strong workforce,” Lyke added. “Welcome to the family!”

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