Sulzer & Kato

Sulzer signs deal with Kato Engineering for generators in USA and Australia

Sulzer is expanding the scope of its collaboration with Nidec by signing an agreement that authorizes the company to deliver maintenance and repair services for Kato generators, a brand of Nidec.

Following a recent agreement with Nidec for the sales and servicing of medium voltage variable speed drives, the Winterthur, Switzerland-based Sulzer has signed a partnership deal with Kato Engineering to provide repair and maintenance services for generators in North America and Australia, the company announced in an April 17 press release sent to Electrical Apparatus.

Sulzer has considerable expertise in generator repair as well as providing maintenance services to customers for turbines, compressors, pumps, motors and gearboxes, so adding the Kato generator range “will provide greater product coverage,” the company says. “Similarly, the level of expertise offered to existing Sulzer customers will now be available to all those operating Kato generators.”

The Kato range of generators is in operation extensively in the oil and gas, mining and power generation sectors. As such, the primary purpose of these generators is to provide vital power supplies. Such machines require continued reliability that Kato is eager to draw from Sulzer’s periodic maintenance and planned repair. Now, these services should theoretically be more accessible by using Sulzer’s various service centers worldwide.

Nicolas Troussard, Head of Business Development electromechanical services, explains: “As a reseller, distributor and an authorized service center for motors and generators, Sulzer has a global presence that can offer many benefits to customers with equipment from Nidec and Kato. This agreement brings Sulzer’s expert maintenance capabilities in close proximity to Kato’s customers, giving them access to local expertise and support. For Sulzer, it reinforces the product offering for our existing customers, and it strengthens our position for distributed power applications in mining, oil and gas and the offshore sectors.”

For the customer, receiving local maintenance support that is backed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in terms of technical drawings and parts, ensures a fast response and a reliable service.

Corey Hansen, Senior Manager Aftermarket Business at Kato Engineering comments: “Sulzer has a global presence and a strong reputation for services of a variety of electromechanical products. Kato Engineering is actively looking to expand our service network to ensure strong global coverage and service support strategically located close to our product in the field. This Authorized Service Agreement with Sulzer has provided the opportunity to partner with an established company that has hands-on experience with our products. This Agreement will be complimentary to our aftermarket parts, remanufacture, and field service capabilities that we have internally operating out of our three North American facilities.”

Sulzer’s relationships with OEMs such as Kato and Nidec “ensure that customers receive the best possible service in terms of accessibility, speed and quality,” it says. With its own in-house, high voltage coil manufacturing facilities in Birmingham, UK and Brisbane, Australia, combined with its core engineering expertise, Sulzer feels it can depend on specialist skills required to meet OEM standards.

Jim Mugford, President and Global Head of Sulzer’s electromechanical services, concludes: “This further development with Kato generators reinforces the need for high-quality service and technical expertise in modern industrial applications. Our global service center network together with our extensive knowledge and experience will ensure that customers receive the highest standard of service.”

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