Wind Turbine Repairs

AWEA’s Windpower expo next week in Houston could be a great place to start

If you’ve been skeptical of the potential for servicing wind turbines, look no further than this statistic for encouragement. Livonia, Michigan’s own PSI Repair Services, Inc., recently surpassed 40,000 repaired wind-turbine parts for the wind energy market, following a busy 2018. With AWEA’s annual conference coming up next week in Houston, now might be the time to extend your company’s foray into this sector of repair.

PSI, which is a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, is an independent service provider (ISP) to the wind energy industry, offering component repair and engineering services for GE, Vestas, Gamesa, Siemens, RePower, Acciona, and others.

The company covers the critical electronic, hydraulic, and precision mechanical components that drive the turbines’ pitch and yaw systems and down-tower electronics. For droves of EA readers and featured companies, this is familiar territory. Companies such as Industrial Repair Service, Shermco, and IPS have been frontrunners in recognizing the value of turbine component repairs. Also, innovation in the industry promises to lower costs:

As for this emerging industry in general, AWEA’s Windpower 2019 Conference and Expo runs May 20-23 in Houston. The locale is fitting, as Texas boasts a far-and-away advantage in installed wind capacity over other states. Also, the conference will be divided into five education stations in the exhibit hall, which are open to attendees and exhibitors.

  • Power Station: Featuring discussions on popular wind topics in the industry, including the live General Sessions.
  • Tech Innovations: Focused on commercially available technology innovations that are likely to have a significant impact in lowering wind LCOE in the next five years
  • Thought Leader Theater: Listen to ideas and thought leadership from senior industry executives through interviews and panels.
  • Fast Track: Quick hits of timely information from stand-alone presenters on a variety of topics.
  • Collaboration Station: Learn from presenters and attendees through collaboration opportunities.

For insight into what might make for a successful game plan for these services, PSI could provide a solid recent example for your company. PSI’s engineering services include custom tests, root cause analysis, product upgrades, remanufacturing, and new product manufacturing services. “The custom test program uses advanced diagnostic equipment, letting PSI to detect hard part failures, as well as parts degraded due to stress, right down to the microchip level,” the company said in a May 13 press release accompanying its benchmark achievement.

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