Lightning Strikes

Albeit a sales rep, does this Names & Faces move indicate a trend?

Dan Bennett, a well-known marketing specialist with a strong resume at Megger and Baker Instruments, announced this week he is moving on from the company to join Lightning Systems.

While this might seem like a small blip on the radar, initially (look for it in our Names & Faces department next issue) it could well be indicative of something more. Megger/Baker is a major company with applications in huge markets, not to mention a highly respected brand when it comes to equipment testing. Meanwhile, if you haven’t checked yet, Lightning Systems, Bennett’s new company, is a zero emissions powertrains and fleet outfit. This means an established veteran in the industry is favoring renewable energy prospects and markets.

Bennett was the “first ever” marketing-focused person at SKF’s Baker Instruments division in Fort Collins before that division was absorbed by Megger in 2018, where he had held the title of marketing specialist since. He was responsible for outbound marketing communications, including photography, videos, animations, print materials, and more, as well as running the advertising program, doing both the creative work and the logistics with publishers. Bennett also assisted the product development team with UI design and industrial design.

His venture into Lightning Systems began in 2015, when the company was still called Lightning Hybrids. Lightning has since grown from a small manufacturing firm that produces an eco-friendly hydraulic hybrid system for commercial trucks and buses, and is now out of its product development phase and expanding its ability to reach the market. Bennett’s decision to join Lightning’s fleet full-time might seem like just a personal choice, but it realistically illustrates a larger trend of movement towards the sustainable sectors in our associated industries.

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