Live From AWEA 2019

Windpower 2019 in Houston is incorporating more than wind

Electrical Apparatus is in Houston for the country’s premier wind power event this week, and there’s plenty to see. The show has expanded each year to cover more than just the wind industry; almost all sectors of renewable energy are being represented and/or discussed this year. Here are some highlights from the show, which ran Tuesday through Thursday of this week.

KidWind is still one of the more fun events out there. KidWind, AWEA’s associated competition for students, has been featured in EA in the past, as well as on The Electrical Apparatus Show podcast. The event brings together students from all across the country in a friendly competition to see who can build the most effective windmill. This year, highlights included two sisters from HSHE high school in Orangeburg, S.C., erecting a 4-foot standalone structure; and a group of classmates from Gill Middle School in Washington, D.C., showing off their viking helmets during the competition.





Inside and outside. This year’s show featured engaging outdoor activities to offer a break from the show floor and convention hall. One of these was the Run Like the Wind event, which took place Wednesday morning outside the convention center and saw participants brave the humid Houston heat to jog around the city’s downtown area and stadiums. Secondly, Discovery Green Park, across from the convention center, provided an exciting sight in an array of mini pinwheels, for which Wednesday provided the perfect day of gusts. Lastly the entrance to the locale provided two spectacles: a working wind turbine service crane and a specialty fountain (below).


Storage + Wind makes its case. As mentioned earlier, wind power wasn’t exclusively stealing the show this week in Houston. While the method of generating energy has already been combined with solar power in a number of large-scale instances in the U.S. and abroad, one area that is still attempting to garner real interest is the combination of wind and energy storage. In a Wednesday morning session, a quartet of panelists made the case for wind + storage as a legitimate endeavor and investment. Alex Morris, of the California Energy Storage Alliance, pointed out that “it’s a major area of learning, where so much is hard to predict” thus, has not been fully taken seriously by financiers yet. However, Morris said, he expects “another 5-10 years we’ll see it planned and anticipate a warranty” for the methods to be combined.


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