WEG, Airborne

Brazilian parent company teaming up with airplane maker

Brazilian electric engineering company WEG SA—parent company of the Duluth, Ga., motor manufacturer WEG Electric Corp.—announced May 28 it had signed an agreement with Brazil’s airliner company Embraer to develop new technology for electrical propulsion systems for aircraft.

WEG said in a statement that the first test flight for an “innovative electric motor to be developed jointly by the companies” is scheduled for 2020 using a single-engine EMB-203 Ipanema plane.

Taking to the skies is pretty fly news for WEG, but it wasn’t the only statement the company made this week:

Also on its home front, WEG unveiled a 4-MW wind turbine model at the Brazilian Windpower 2019 conference this month, designed to combat the increased presence of competitors for wind power production and maintenance in the country.

As the Brazilian government begins to take a more active role in financing renewable energy projects on home soil, WEG has been in the spotlight as the singular “native” company up against foreign-based wind turbine manufacturers like Vestas and General Electric, who are in talks with government officials about proposed rule changes that would allow more imports for the industry.


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    […] recall an item about electric planes in last week’s Direct & Current newsletter, as well: WEG’s partnership with a Brazilian airplane manufacturer, Embraer. Add that to the list of prominent electromechanical and industrial companies who are active players […]

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