EASA 3: “Navigate the Future” Theme

EASA’s show theme for 2019 is “Navigate the Future”

EASA is turning its attention towards the future of industry. This is a theme we’ve seen before across associated industries—”Industry 4.0″ is in fact a term coined by those in the automation field—but how does it apply to electromechanical service? Let us count the ways.

Internet of Things. IoT applications are running wild in the shop and plant. Connectivity is emerging as the name of the game when it comes to tracking inventory, learning equipment history, and managing orders. The benefits are quality assurance and expedited processes with minimal downtime, all with the potential to raise profits. The drawbacks/concerns are security and workforce unfamiliarity with new technology and devices.

Training. The skills gap represents the single biggest hurdle to continued opportunities for companies in the EASA-sphere.

Automation. Automation does not mean robots coming to take your jobs. It does, however, mean robotics being integrated into the workforce through their increased presence in factories and operations.

The Smart Grid. Utilities are having to find ways of interconnection never traversed before. Microgrids involving novelty sources of renewable power, as well as new forms of wireless connectivity, are changing the way utilities work and, by extension, how their equipment is repaired.



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