Disorder in the courts

A random range of recent lawsuits 

Scales of Justice

IBEW Local 494 prevails in its payroll records suit against Veterans Electric (but the company isn’t giving up) …KEMET Capacitors settles a California anti-trust case for $62 million right before the company is acquired by Yageo Corp (but that case, too, continues)… and Pasquale Parente., the boy who was late to dinner, won his case against his repair shop owner dad.

  • IBEW vs Veterans Per the Cook County Record, an appellate court ruled last week that Union trustees were entitled to attorney fees when they had to sue an employer to force a payroll audit.  The suit involved five trust funds that manage benefits guaranteed by a collective bargaining agreement between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 494 and the Electrical Contractors Association Milwaukee Chapter, N.E.C.A. Inc. , following an attempted payroll audit at Veterans Electric LLC, a NECA  member located in Colgate Wisconsin. The suit occurred after Veterans denied the request to audit payroll records of non-union employees.  Later the company provided the records, but because the suit had already been filed, the union asked for attorneys fees and prevailed; an appeal from Veterans was denied.
  • KEMET Capacitors settles a California anti-trust case for $62 million right before the company is acquired by Yageo Corp. Per the website law360.com,  the litigation accused several electronics parts manufacturers of plotting to jack up the price of capacitors. Law360 reports that Kemet did not admit to violating any laws or incurring any liability. The website later reported that “the group of electrical capacitors is making a “last-ditch effort” to derail the litigation by trying to strip a class of buyers of their certification.”  Many details are available via the transcript of KEMET’s Q2 earnings call to shareholders, which also outlines the company’s acquisition by Yageo.
  • And, in a Melbourne, Australia, suburb, a squabble involving a family car repair business leads to lawsuit over son being fired. The original transgression was that he was late to a family dinner. The father, Edigo Parente, reacted by terminating his son’s employment, and in return, Pasquale Parente sued his dad.
    Per The Independent. “Pasquale was dismissed for arriving late for a family dinner” Commissioner Sarah Mckinnon reported in her ruling. “His relationship with his parents had been under strain for approximately one month, but there is insufficient context before me to explain why arriving late for dinner would have been a valid reason for dismissal. I am not satisfied that it was.”

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