Feel good about the future

The future of manufacturing is life-saving, creative, daring, exciting, resourceful, sustainable, efficient, and kind, with genius leadership

Forbes magazine’s December issue features 30 Under 30 2020 Manufacturing and Industry- or, as Forbes also describes them, “young entrepreneurs building the future.”

From new types of 3-D printing to “pantyhose that won’t rip,” the array of products, packaging, and delivery systems are reflective of 21st century values and economics. Amy Feldman of Forbes‘ manufacturing staff, provides a few examples:

Joshua Martin and his cofounders at Fortify, who met in the Northeastern University lab of Dr. Randall Erb, spun out a company that developed a new type of composite 3D printing and have raised $13 million…

…chemical engineer James Hedrick and his professor Chad Mirkin developed a different type of 3D printing technology that allows production of large parts without compromising speed…

In robotics and automation, Arye Barnehama, a Pomona College dropout and former head of design at Daqri, teamed up with IdeaLab founder Bill Gross to launch intelligent robot assistant company Elementary Robotics….

Melvin Du, who was paralyzed in a dirt bike accident as a teenager, and Amro Eltayeb developed technology to convert manual wheelchairs into off-road vehicles….

For more, including information about who the thirty are, how they were selected and the makeup of the panel of judges, go to https://www.forbes.com/30-under-30/2020/manufacturing-industry/

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