Siemens Adani Carmichael

Siemens CEO tweets out a promise to climate change protesters
Few would disagree with James Thornhill, writing for Bloomberg News, that the Australian Carmichael coal project “has become a lightning rod for climate protesters” -it was even termed “The World’s Most Insane Energy Project” by a writer in Rolling Stone magazine,  Per Wikipedia,

The mine has drawn immense controversy about its claimed economic benefits,[7] its financial viability, plans for government subsidies and the damaging environmental impacts. Broadly, these have been described as its potential impact upon the Great Barrier Reefgroundwater at its site and its carbon emissions

Protests typically have targeted India’s Adani Group, but have expanded recently to include third parties — including Siemens,  which is slated to provide rail signaling infrastructure. The pressure has apparently influenced Siemens’ CEO Joe Kaeser, who responded by tweet, December 15:

I want to thank everyone for reaching out on the project in Australia. I was not aware of and take your concerns seriously. I will diligently look into the matter and get back to you soon. @Siemens view & decision may or may not change. But you deserve an answer.

Additional details, including responses from other firms who have been pressured by protesters, are available at the Bloomberg link:

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