Snakes and Cows

One of these “cords” is not like the others — and an Ohio cow controversy continues

Animals were in the electrical news this week — Let’s begin with Australian snake catcher Tony Harrison, who was called into service when a homeowner in a Brisbane suburb noticed a most unwelcome visitor. The snake was both aggressive, “trying to bite anything it could,” and clever – camouflaging itself among a tangle of electrical wires.   Details are at The Guardian,  which also has a copy of a video Mr. Harrison made while doing his work,  – or, check out, which has made a practice of covering similar incidents:

And,  from snakes to cows –Several years ago, an Ohio dairyman, who reported mysterious bovine illnesses, disruptions and deaths among his herd at the Double K Kirby Farms.  As reported in Ohio’s Tribune Chronicle the farmer blamed stray electric voltage, allegedly caused by Ohio Edison’s equipment.

Brian Garvine of Columbus, the attorney for Double K, alleged that electricity problems caused the cows to be “electrically shocked when milking, eating and drinking,” and that the “stray electric voltage was also burning the tissue in the cows udder, causing poor health and death.”

The farmer reported that “In excess of 25 cows … died from the stray electric voltage (and) another 32 cows had to be sold for slaughter because the prescribed medications did not cure the mastitis caused by the stray voltage.”

The case has had a number of twists, including juridictional debates. In the latest development, the 11th Court of Appeals the 11th District Court of Appeals ruled that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, which had been a player in the early stages of the dispute, must now take over.

As reported by the Trib:

…judges said because the farmer’s complaint relates to service issues that fall within the purview of the PUCO, the PUCO must make a determination of whether Ohio Edison committed a violation.

If it makes that kind of determination, the matter can return to the common pleas court for a determination on damages…

Additional details at the link.

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