Electrocution in Cincinnati

Multiple safety failures blamed for tragedy


A dozen standards were ignored or not followed last June when LeRoy Garrison, 48, was electrocuted when installing a pole for a city crime camera.  Following an investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, the City Of Cincinnati has been cited for the following violations:

  • Employees were not trained on aerial devices, which exposed employees to electrocution, shock and arc flash hazards.
  • Rubber insulating gloves were not subjected to periodic testing
  • Voltage and other required markings were not provided on electrical equipment
  • Employees did not receive proper training according to the risk they would be exposed to
  • The city did not keep or share copies of printed procedures with employees
  • The city took no measures to assure that employees were qualified to do the work that was assigned to them
  • The city failed to take preventative steps such as de-energizing and grounding power lines
  • Employees were not provided with electrical protective equipment
  • Insulated tools and handles were not provided
  • Employees were permitted to work near and around equipment that was not de-energized or grounded
  • Employees were not advised or warned of hazards
  • Newly installed poles were not de-energized and tagged

The city of Cincinnati has reportedly corrected all of the violations for current work. Garrison’s family has initiated a lawsuit.



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