Another Tragedy With Novelty EVs

Skateboarder was going 20 mph, “did not know the laws” of EVs

The most common form of electric vechicle—cars—have left no evidence of being any less safe than their traditional counterparts. Yet, a disturbing trend has been rearing its head amongst the novelty section of the EV world that includes scooters, bikes, all-terrain vehicles, and the like: accidents that can prove fatal. Sadly, another such incident occurred last July in the United Kingdom, and its inquest brought troubling issues to light upon completion this month.

Bradley Visser, 38, died 10 days after he crashed while using an electric skateboard in Stoke Row, near Henley-on-Thames, last July, BBC News reported February 14. Oxford Coroner’s Court heard the South African national lost control while travelling at about 20mph (32km/h). At the inquest into his death, assistant coroner Peter Clark said using it on a public road was illegal, and recorded a verdict of misadventure.

Critically, Mr. Visser was reportedly not aware of the law that prohibited his vehicle on the roadway in question, as his wife, Annabel, said in a statement:

“Although Brad was adventurous and loved his toys, had he known that being on a public highway on his electric skateboard was actually a road traffic offence, he would never have been on the road that evening.”

She continued to emphasize the importance of knowledge of these electric products, as well as the laws surrounding them. Hoverboards, for example, famously caught fire in their nascent stages beginning in 2015-16, but manufacturers have seemingly found ways to troubleshoot that issue since. More recently, electric scooters have caused at least 11 deaths since 2018, according to the Associated Press, nine of which occurred on rented vehicles. That doesn’t even include an estimated 1,500+ injuries in 2019 in the U.S. alone.

“In our grief, we hope that in future other electric skateboarders, scooter and hoverboard users will now be more aware of the laws and the risks, so that no other family has to endure the sadness of losing a loved one in this way.”

She said “if anything positive” came from the family’s loss it would be “spreading awareness of road safety” so his death “would not be such an absolute waste of a brilliant life”.



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