Everyday Menlo Prices

GM’s EV drama has its consumers getting antsy

General Motors’ home base of consumers is getting antsy with its latest EV release. The new Chevrolet Menlo model is priced at roughly $23,000, which isn’t a gouge/stratospheric by any means nowadays but still falls at the high end of the current EV market average. That might sit OK with the American public if they were able to purchase one.

The new Menlo is only available in China, which has American buyers feeling a bit marginalized.

As the well-known EV autoblog Electrek detailed this week, GM has some empty promises to fulfill, still. Since its declaration of an all-electric path, its been devoting much time and capital to other areas.


“In October 2017, GM outlined its “All-Electric Path to Zero Emissions” and announced a new electric offensive with 20 new all-electric vehicles to launch by 2023.

The automaker also, in particular, promised to launch 2 new electric cars based on the Bolt EV within the next 18 months:

“In the next 18 months, GM will introduce two new all-electric vehicles based off learnings from the Chevrolet Bolt EV.”

As we reported last year, it has now been more than 18 months and we have yet to see those new electric vehicles.’

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