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ABB’s electric vehicle kits will be up against the best of competition at Hannover Messe

Provided this year’s Hannover Messe fair proceeds as newly scheduled, there should be an excellent selection of new gadgets to peruse, as usual. Just in case the coronavirus cancels plans, however, here’s some sneak previews.

The innovation-packed trade fair, which is the world’s largest by size and spans everything from common manufacturing to space automation, announced this past week it would push back the dates of the 2020 show to June 13-19.

At this year’s Hannover Messe, ABB plans to showcase its latest “future proof” e-mobility solutions, with the new compact DC Wallbox and recently launched Terra 54 DC fast charger.

Designed to meet the demands of an increasingly connected and sustainable society, ABB’s DC Wallbox and Terra 54 offer an output range of up to 920V, designed to support all existing 500V battery EVs, plus the next generation of high-voltage electric vehicles. Hence the “future proof” motto.

Both are part of ABB’s Ability portfolio of connected solutions, which enables authentication, integration with back offices and payment platforms, monitoring, remote diagnostics and repair, as well as over-the-air updates and upgrades.

Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s Global Business for Electric Vehicle Charging, comments: “ABB is at the forefront of developing smart and sustainable technology for the future of transportation. We have pioneered the creation of flexible and high quality electric charging systems which not only meet the needs of todays electric vehicles but ensure a quality solution is already in place for the higher voltage vehicles currently under development.”

ABB’s stations aren’t the only brands on the current market. In fact, they’ll be up against some of the best.

While some major manufacturers—take General Electric, for instance (sorry to pick on you guys)—discontinued charging lines as far back as 2017, companies like Bosch and Schneider Electric are looking to up the ante.

Schneider addressed concerns of a year ago, when some of its EVLink station models were easily hacked. The company now has an EVLink fast charging solution that can be coupled with its wallbox, as well as shareable parking space charging stations that are in use.

Meanwhile, Bosch just rolled out an entire line of EV charging products in 2020, including “express” stations, wallboxes, adjustable amp mounts, bollards, and more. The manufacturer now provides commercial and residential Level 2 charging equipment, as well as a low-power Level 3 solution primarily for fleet and auto dealer use.

Siemens SICHARGE line has been in circulation since 2015, and continues to flaunt versatility for all varieties of EVs. “Universal charging,” as the line is marketed, enables connections for single-car users and businesses alike.

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