Conville Joins EASA

Longtime Flanders employee joins association as tech support specialist

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) announced this month that Matthew Conville, P.E., has joined EASA’s staff as a technical support specialist.

Conville previously worked for 12 years at Flanders, Inc., the noted company based in Evansville, Indiana, featured as the cover story of the August 2018 issue of Electrical Apparatus. There he held various positions, including:

  • Electrical Engineer for Manufacturing and Repair Service Centers, where he provided field engineering support for electric machines; designed and performed complex engineered factory acceptance tests for large and very large DC and AC rotating equipment; root cause failure analysis (RCFA) on power-driven systems and their supporting power distribution systems; and technical training on rotating equipment and NFPA70e standards.
  • Regional Service Centers Engineering Manager, where he oversaw 10+ engineers providing systems integration solutions. These solutions ranged in size and scope and often required engineering studies for feasibility, cost savings and payback.
  • Continuous Improvement Principal Engineer, where he provided support and oversight in product quality, process flow, repair standards, design and/or validation of design of large and very large DC and AC rotating equipment, their power and control systems; and RCFA and troubleshooting to solve complex problems for end-users. He has also been a presenter at the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) trade show and others.

Conville has a bachelor’s degree in engineering with an emphasis in rotating equipment and power distribution and is a registered professional engineer. Because of his past work, he is very familiar with EASA and the industry, as well as NEMA, IEC and EASA standards.

“With his strong background in rotating equipment, what powers them, how they need to be controlled, and his experience and willingness to teach, Matthew is an excellent addition to our team,” said President & CEO Linda Raynes, CAE. “Among his many duties will be direct technical support to our members; writing newsletter and trade press articles; seminar, webinar and convention presentations; training development; industry representation and more. We very much look forward to the work Matthew will do on behalf of EASA and its members.”

“It was a very difficult decision to leave a great company like FLANDERS after so many years,” said Conville. “When I saw that EASA was looking to expand its tech support staff, I pondered it for months and ultimately couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with the EASA team and do what I can to advance our industry.”

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