IT, Meet OT: Rockwell Adds Digi-Firm

Aim is to bring information technology and plant floor technology together

Rockwell Automation, the towering Milwaukee establishment, completed an acquisition of Kalypso, LP, the company announced in a May 4 press release, as part of its emphasis on digitalization. Based in the U.S., Kalypso is a software delivery and consulting firm specializing in the digital evolution of industrial companies. Rockwell says the company brings with it a strong client base in life sciences, consumer products and industrial high-tech fields.

Kalypso, based in Beachwood, Ohio, offers consulting, IoT platform solutions, digital innovation, enterprise technology and business process management services that “enable the transformation of product design and development, production management, and client service models,” per the release. Kalypso’s employees embrace one mantra of being “the leaders behind the leaders”:

Rockwell Automation adds Kalypso to its roster in an effort to bring Information Technology (IT) and plant floor technology (OT) together. The acquisition falls within Rockwell’s Control Products & Solutions business segment, and will combine the convergence of plant-level and enterprise networks with Kalypso’s capabilities, the company said. The Kalypso move demonstrates Rockwell’s continued emphasis on the sectors of smart manufacturing and digital transformation it adopted over the past decade-plus.

Rockwell Automation announced its intent to acquire Kalypso in February 2020. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Moreover, the resilient company may be closing in on another deal: with Italian manufacturer Asem, the Milwaukee Business Journal reported May 4.

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