ABB/Baldor at 100!

Congratulations to one of our oldest advertisers and a pioneering force in motors!

In 1920, Edwin Ballman and Emil Doerr set out to “build a better motor,” defined as one that used less electricity. Now, a century later, ABB’s Baldor-Reliance motors continue a legacy. “We continue to take ABB’s Baldor-Reliance motors to the next level with a focus to be the best as determined by our customers,” the company’s head of industrial motors, Jesse Henson, reflected in a May 18 press release, part of a longer article from Smart Industry Magazine.

Electrical Apparatus would like to formally, publicly, and personally thank the company we’ve had such a cherished relationship with since our own founding in 1948.

Congratulations to ABB on becoming a centenarian OEM, along with so many other milestones and accomplishments! We are proud to have carried your advertising for more than 60 of those 100 years. Happy Birthday from all of us at Electrical Apparatus.

“Two years ago, our team took a step back and looked deeply at everything we do,” Henson continued. “We knew that to add more value, we had to rethink the way we’ve always designed and built industrial electric motors. This has led to a broad transformation throughout our motor business, which we are doing with three main focuses.”

ABB and Baldor-Reliance customers rely on the Fort Smith, Arkansas-based company to provide a large variety of motors, so it eyed a transformation that allowed it to offer more. This involved new design and production processes, simplifying ordering and operations, and much more in the interest of the customer and a perpetual focus on the quality of its products.

ABB has more than 3,500 employees making and supporting Baldor-Reliance motors in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, and North Carolina. They are passionate about what they do. They are proud of the motors they build and the customer service they provide. “Therefore, we continue to invest in our current employees and in apprentices and interns who will become our future employees,” Henson says. “It’s important they understand our new processes and have the right technical skills to work with equipment and tools we are bringing into manufacturing.”

ABB also says it focuses on defining the right tools and processes for the future of the industrial motor industry. That includes implementing solutions that connect orders to the plant floor, increasing automation, and using simulations and digital images to provide connectivity throughout the entire buying process.

“We appreciate the industry’s long-term support of Baldor-Reliance motors,” Henson said. “We have heard what you’ve said, and we are making the changes necessary to be the brand you continue to trust and rely on. We may be 100 years old, but 2020 is a new beginning. We are doing new things, and we think you will like what we are building.”

Amen, Jesse!

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