AWWA Virtual Summit

September 23-24 at home office booth near you!

The American Water Works Association announced it is backing a full-on virtual blitz to substitute for its an annual convention come September. The AWWA Virtual Summit will take place September 23-24 and sure seems to be planning to pack a ton into those two days. Major themes include utility management, the emergence of “smart water” technology, and strengthening public trust. See below for more.

First things first, register by August 20 for the early rate here! The price is $195 for members and $295 for non-members, but will jump to $220 and $320, respectively, after the cutoff.

Take a look at the schedule below:

American Water Works Association
Transforming Utility Management (Day 1 & 2)

Effective leadership has proved critical to handling the events of 2020.  In a year that is still unfolding, utilities experienced priorities changing overnight. This session will explore the evolving impacts of the pandemic and the social landscape on utility workforce, finances, and water affordability.

Strengthening Public Trust (Day 1 & 2)

With water sector challenges becoming increasingly complex, it’s critical that a utility be a trusted source of information as well as reliable service within its community. Maintaining this trust is key to gaining support for capital projects and setting appropriate water rates. Water professionals will discuss the latest strategies and tools for effectively communicating with customers, public officials, employees and the public. Topics will include risk communications, community stewardship and best practices for multiple communications platforms.

Innovation and Technology / Smart Water (Day 1 & 2)

Addressing continual challenges to do more with less requires an innovative approach to meeting the evolving needs of the water sector.  This innovation extends beyond technology to incorporate all facets of water utility operation.  With an emphasis on smart water, these sessions engage innovation thought leaders in sharing best practices for water utility innovation.

Advances in Water Treatment (Day 1 & 2)

Water treatment challenges require innovative solutions – and today’s environment of competing priories requires a careful balancing of treatment effectiveness with factors such as economics, environment, and societal impacts.  Experts will discuss the latest results and approaches to addressing drinking water issues.

Water Quality: Contaminants of Concern (Day 1 & 2)

Discover the latest cutting-edge information on the contaminants affecting drinking water from source to supply.  These sessions provide the water sector need-to-know information to stay on top of emerged and emerging contaminants including PFOA and PFOS, manganese, inorganics, microplastics, non-point source pollutants, microbials, and DBPS.  Discussion will include the latest on occurrence, advances in detection, health effects, and regulations and health advisories.

Sustainable Water Future (Day 1)

Protecting and managing water resource portfolios requires an integrated approach to ensure a sustainable water future.  Experts will discuss the regulatory landscape, best practices for protecting your current source waters and look at new water supply sources all with the goal of developing a robust water supply portfolio that promotes utility resilience.

Exploring Infrastructure Solutions (Day 2)

North America’s water infrastructure, especially the underground pipes, is aging and in need of significant reinvestment. A large portion of this water infrastructure is approaching, or has already reached, the end of its useful life.  Subject matter experts discuss renewing and replacing infrastructure, including lead service lines, financing these capital improvements and access to capital rank high on the list of utility concerns looking for solutions.

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