Web Crawl

VFDs.com, Ghent, IEA, Quora busier than ever with more people inside in 2020

Lockdown equals more computer time (as if most of society weren’t screenheads already), so this month, we’ll be checking in on some of the industry’s best web resources.

As Bill O’Leary put it (miss you, Bill!) in the April 2017 edition of EA’s Fast Forward (“Web crawl”), it’s good for us to periodically “explore the peaks and valleys of this vast digital landscape known as the internet. You may have heard of it.” In that piece, Bill detailed a number of websites. Let’s see how they’re doing, and what’s new.

The Dept. of Electrical Energy, Metals, Mechanical Construction & Systems at Ghent University in Belgium has expanded its research to include mechanical vibration analysis & nonlinear control, mechanical drive systems, energy efficiency in mechatronics, and biomedical engineering applications of modelling and control.

Meanwhile, the International Energy Agency continues to further the integration of renewable energy to industrial companies. The site’s homepage says it all: a 45 second YouTube video (no new tab needed; it plays automatically) depicts bird’s eye views of tractors, tankers, and utility towers as part of a modernized integrated world of energy.

Some pages remain handy even without an update in the last three years. Take VFDs.com’s YouTube page. The videos remain relevant, but the site’s blog is where the new information lies, with a “VFD Buying Guide” and a “Reading a Motor Nameplate” tutorial.

As for Quora.com, the question-and-answer style knowledge-sharing database Bill mentioned, well, they’re doing just fine. The site has more than 300 million unique visitors per month, is valued at $2 billion, and In December 2019, announced plans for its first international engineering office in Vancouver, featuring machine learning and other engineering functions.

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