Daniel Jones, 84, Design Pioneer

Motion control giant also contributed to Mars mission later in life

Daniel B. Jones, president and owner of Incremotion Associates/Motion Media Group, of Thousand Oaks, Calif., died on September 1, at 84 years of age, Control Engineering’s Mark T. Hoske first reported September 16.

Dan Jones was an electric motor and generator design engineer and worked in the motion control industry more than 60 years, including 37 years at Incremotion, working on designs of high-torque, high-power density brushless permanent magnet and brush permanent magnet motors, and high-efficiency ac induction motors and generators. His work continued into the modern era, as he designed a motor that went to Mars in a NASA exploratory mission.

“While Jones represented motor companies, often on twice a year press tours, he also was a motor designer, lecturer, and advanced-motor technology advocate,” Hoske writes. Electrical Apparatus has reached out to Jan Jones, Mr. Jones’ longtime wife, for additional comment.

Jones received his BSEE degree from Hofstra University in 1965 and MS in Mathematics at Adelphi in 1969. By the time of his death, he had compiled over 50 years experience in the design of all types of electric motors and generators from 10w to 500 Kw, and held engineering design and management and marketing management positions at a number of companies.

“He is recognized as an international authority on electric motors and motion control,” according to his LinkedIn profile, which is backed up by numerous testimonials. He has written 250+ technical articles/papers and held seminars in 10 countries. A past member of the Board of Directors of MCMA (Motion Control and Motor Association, formerly SMMA) and EMERF (Electric Motor Education & Research Foundation), the organization’s research arm, Jones was also a life member of IEEE and a member of ASME.

In November 2014, Dan received the honor of being presented by EMERF and SMMA their award for “Outstanding Contributions to the Electric Machines Industry.

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