Menlo Macro

Microsystems outfit receives big-time funding round

Menlo Microsystems, Inc. (Menlo Micro) the company announced today the closing of its $44 million Series B funding round October 14, per a press release from the Irvine, Calif.-based company.

Menlo considers itself the company “responsible for re-inventing the electronic switch with its Ideal Switch technology.” That innovation has, it claims, “created an entirely new switch category that is bringing massive reductions in size, weight, power and cost to multiple industries.” Evidently, financiers agree with aplomb.

The round was led by 40 North Ventures alongside San Francisco-based Piva, leading global investor Paladin Capital GroupVertical Venture Partners, and Tony Fadell’s Future Shape. This round brings Menlo Micro to $78 million in total funding to date. Menlo Micro is also backed by Corning and Microsemi.

Following more than 12 years of research at General Electric, Menlo Micro was co-founded by CTO Chris Keimel and SVP of Worldwide Marketing Chris Giovanniello. Semi-conductor industry veterans, CEO Russ Garcia and SVP Operations Jeff Baloun, helped to productize the technology and scale the company.

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