Have a Little Enthalpy

Shermco acquires Denver-based energy services company

Shermco Industries, the Irving, Texas service and maintenance operation, has acquired Enthalpy Energy Services, a specialty technical services company based in Denver, according to an October 12 Shermco press release.

Enthalpy (the company) provides design and field engineering, construction management, startup and commissioning, as well as testing, inspections, and calibrations for clients across the energy sector.

Enthalpy employees at a trade show. Take a second look at the company’s logo; the capital ‘H’ is hidden between the up and down arrows in a neat optical formation.—Enthalpy photo

The business’ namesake is a scientific term defining a property of a thermodynamic system: the sum of the system’s internal energy and the product of its pressure and volume. ‘Enthalpy’ is a convenient state function preferred in many measurements in chemical, biological, and physical systems at a constant pressure.

The acquisition “enables Enthalpy to offer a broader range of services to its customers, while simultaneously broadening Shermco’s reach into western U.S. markets,” Shermco stated. “As the leading independent provider of electrical testing, maintenance and repair services in North America, Shermco is excited to welcome Enthalpy to the family and they bring an experienced and industry-leading team to Shermco,” said Tom Bartolomei, Shermco’s CEO. “With their expertise and customer relationships, we are excited to continue to serve our customers and remain focused on our impressive growth trajectory in these markets.”

“We are very excited to join with Shermco who have an enviable track record as a trusted provider of independent electrical services across the energy sector. We’re proud to join the team and look forward to growing the services we offer our clients,” said Scott Donaubauer, President of Enthalpy. The Enthalpy management team will remain with the company following the acquisition.

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