Transition Team

Biden, Harris announce energy, FERC leaders

The current President of the United States may not have officially conceded yet, but his successor(s) are plowing ahead with transitional appointments.

Joe Biden announced his agency review teams Tuesday, and the extensive list includes key overseers for the Energy and FERC departments of the incoming U.S. cabinet.

The full list, available on the President-elect’s website, includes a some familiar names and volunteers.

Adriana Quintero of the Energy Foundation (San Francisco) and Dave Turk of the International Energy Agency (Paris) have volunteered to help specifically with the Energy Department transition.

John Padalino of Bandera Electric Cooperative (Bandera, Texas) for the Department of Agriculture.

Riley Ohlson, Alliance for American Manufacturing (Washington, D.C.) for the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

Josh Nassar, UAW (United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers) (Detroit, Michigan) for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Doug Parker, State of California Department of Industrial Relations (Oakland, California) for the Department of Labor.

The agency review teams (ARTs), responsible for evaluating the operations of the federal agencies, are composed of “highly experienced and talented professionals with deep backgrounds in key policy areas across the federal government,” the transition team said in a November 10 news release. “The teams possess a diversity of perspectives critical to addressing America’s most urgent and complex challenges.” Among those challenges mentioned by Ted Kaufman, a former senator and aide to Biden and current co-chair of the Biden-Harris transition team, were climate change, which could mean intensive scrutiny on any and all decisions relating to the nation’s energy and electrical grid.

Notably, the transition team encouraged collaborative efforts; you may be able to contribute if you work for a trade organization:

“The agency review teams will proceed by meeting with former agency officials and experts who closely follow federal agencies, and with officials from think tanks, labor groups, trade associations, and other NGOs…”

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