Dual Sensor Thermometers

New product release from Ashcroft

Respected testing company Ashcroft has released its latest product, the company told Electrical Apparatus this week. The Ashcroft Model K dual sensor thermometer combines two independent temperature sensing devices into a single instrument. It has applications in offshore oil rigs, water and wastewater facilities, HVAC, and more. See more details below and on the Stratford, Connecticut company’s website.

“Temperature is one of the most common industrial measurements. This new Ashcroft thermometer couples a dial-mechanical instrument for on-the-spot readings with thermocouple signaling to  send data to remote devices,”the company’s John Carissimi told EA via email. “[End-users] will be interested to know that they can get both capabilities in a single instrument.”

For local indication, a silicone-dampened mechanical ANSI/IEC/EN classified bimetal system drives the pointer over an 80, 100, 130, or 150 mm diameter dial. Your choice of a stem from 90mm to 2000 mm also contains a type K thermocouple to signal a remote readout, data acquisition device or control system. While providing these two distinct capabilities, the Ashcroft Model
K only requires a single process connection point. This multi-capable design can save both installation time and the cost of purchasing two separate instruments, Ashcroft says.

Key Features:
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2 Independent sensors in 1 measuring point
  • K Thermocouple: Class 1 according to ANSI MC 96.1 or IEC 60584-2/EN 60584-2 per request
  • Silicone dampened coil for reduction of pointer flutter on high vibration application and provides improved response times

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