BASF Shuffle

“Promising new site” sold outside Chicago; equipment donated in Georgia

Not to be outdone, BASF made two major moves over the holidays as many businesses seemed to do. One Rock Capital Partners, LLC announced that one of its affiliates has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the manufacturing site in Kankakee, Illinois (south of Chicago) from BASF, along with the associated businesses of vegetable-oil-based raw material sterols and natural vitamin E, anionic surfactants and esters produced there, the NYC-based firm said in a December 17 press release.

Headquartered outside of Chicago, BASF is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of specialty chemicals derived from natural raw materials. These products serve a diverse array of attractive end markets including home & personal care, food & nutrition, healthcare, and agriculture. It employs around 160 employees at its manufacturing site in Kankakee and around the country.

Tony W. Lee, Managing Partner of One Rock, said, “During recent years, the Kankakee site has established a strong reputation for delivering natural, high-quality, mission critical products to its global customer base. We look forward to building on its success and providing customers with exceptional service and new innovations.”

“I am glad that, with One Rock Capital Partners, we have found a promising new home for our Kankakee site and the team,” said Ralph Schweens, President of BASF’s Care Chemicals division.

Also in December, the Attapulugus, Ga. location of BASF donated equipment to the Electrical Systems Technology program at Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC)-Bainbridge that would have cost the College over $40,000 if purchased new. 

The donated training equipment included a VFD (variable frequency drive), pressure transmitter, micro pilot level, Coriolis flow meter, level transmitter, guided wave radar level, thermocouples, and a variety of 2-pin, 3-pin, and 5-pin cables. The donation will help SRTC students better prepared for careers in modern manufacturing. 

BASF Corporation is the largest affiliate of BASF SE, a German multinational chemical company that is, in turn, the largest chemical producer in the world. The Attapulugus plant that donated the equipment, however, manufactures catalysts. Catalysts play a crucial role in 90% of all commercially produced chemical products, according to the company. BASF provides up to 35% of the world’s catalysts. 

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