EASA Floor Plan Out!

Full steam ahead—finally—for an in-person event

Wouldn’t it be fitting if the first time you saw industry fellows was at the preeminent convention for our industry?

As J.P. from Angels in the Outfield said…it could happen!

In just a few days, EASA will open registration for the 2021 Convention + Solutions Expo in Forth Worth. Attendees from all over will flock to the EASA website to see what 2021 is all about, including the solutions expo. They will review the exhibitor list to see which of their suppliers are attending (and which ones aren’t). Here’s your chance to look at the floor plan for the first time!

The organization encourages you to:

“Be seen! Show decision-makers and motivated buyers that you are ready to provide solutions. Attendees are ready to meet in-person, so don’t miss out!

Get your booth application started today!”

The convention is scheduled to take place June 27-29 in Fort Worth, Texas. The experience attracts well-established companies in the sales, service and repair of electromechanical equipment, including motors, pumps and more. Join EASA in Texas for a safe, productive and fun event!

Questions? Contact Dale Shuter, CMP, at dshuter@easa.com or +1 314 993 2220!

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