Tracking the Right to Repair

Half the U.S. now has laws under consideration

We’ve been tracking the Right to Repair movement since its origins. An interview with the Right to Repair Coalition back in a 2017 issue of Electrical Apparatus was also published in this newsletter. At the time, both our subject, Gay Gordon-Byrne, Executive Director of the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, and our own editors were uncertain about the momentum or timeline of the movement. Byrne admitted is was nascent, but that it had a lot of potential. She was right.

A few weeks ago, numbers came in showing large political contributions put towards having the issue on ballots last election. Well, here’s where that money is going and showing up on paper, as ZDNet reported Wednesday.

Half the states in the US now have right to repair bills under consideration:

  1. Arkansas – SB 461 (farm equipment)
  2. California – SB 605 (medical equipment)
  3. Connecticut – HB 5255 and HB 5826 (all non-car devices), and HB 6216 (cars)
  4. Colorado – HB 1199 (all non-car and non-medical equipment, though includes class 2 wheelchairs)
  5. Delaware – HB22 (all non-car devices)
  6. Florida –  S 374 and  H 0511 (farm equipment)
  7. Hawaii – SB 760 (medical equipment), SB 564 (all non-car devices), HB415 (consumer products), HB 226 (all non-car devices)
  8. Illinois – HB 3061 (all non-car devices)
  9. Kansas – HB 2309 (farm equipment)
  10. Maryland – SB 412 and HB 84 (all non-car devices)
  11. Massachusetts – HD 260 and SD 199 (all non-car and non-medical equipment)
  12. Missouri – HB975 (farm equipment), HB 1118 (all non-car devices)
  13. Minnesota – HF 1156 (all non-car and non-medical equipment)
  14. Montana HB 175 (all non-car and non-medical equipment) and HB 390 and SB 273 (farm equipment)
  15. Nebraska – LB543 (farm equipment)
  16. Nevada – AB 221 (all non-car devices)
  17. New Jersey – A 1482 (all non-car devices) A 2906 (farm equipment)
  18. New Hampshire – HB449 (home appliances)
  19. New York – S04104 (all non-car and non-medical equipment) S149 (farm equipment)
  20. Oklahoma – HB1011 (all non-car devices)
  21. Oregon – HB 2698 (all non-car and non-medical equipment)
  22. South Carolina – H 3500 (farm equipment)
  23. Texas – HB 2541 (medical equipment)
  24. Vermont – H.58 and S.67 (farm equipment)
  25. Washington – HB 1212 (consumer devices)

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