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Staffing companies find increased success at filling in the skills gap

Staffing company Workrise, of Austin, Texas, aims to find jobs for blue-collar workers and the like; recently putting an increased emphasis on placing those people in renewable energy jobs to address the skills gap. This is an ongoing area of need for all industries, so companies like this are growing fast. For one quick testimonial, check out the following video of Ross, who went from a flowback hand with 10+ years of experience in the oil & gas industry to eventually being picked up as a consultant.

Workrise Trailblazer: Ross – YouTube

“Workrise makes its money by finding jobs for skilled laborers, handling their payroll and benefits and taking its cut from employers. The company works with Exxon Mobil Corp.General Electric Co. and First Solar Inc., among others,” as Bloomberg put it in an article last month detailing the company’s growth and usefulness.It sent more than four times as many people into renewable energy last year compared with 2019, placing about 4,500 skilled workers into green jobs like building solar farms or fixing lightning-damaged wind turbines. That was almost a third of all its workers in 2020.”

More encouraging still: there are a number of these companies emerging, such as those connected to technical colleges, such as Centura College/Mid-Atlantic Wind, which we featured a few weeks back for its offshore wind program. New College Institute has partnered with the Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy and Centura to form the Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Wind Training Alliance. In that instance, the training specializes in wind energy only. Still, this avenue can provide access for skilled workers who are still in training or may not have the resources to go through an online medium to find jobs.

Formerly known as RigUp, Workrise’s core industries are construction, defense, solar, wind, upstream oil & gas, and midstream oil & gas.

To search for jobs with Workrise, click here to be redirected to the company’s hiring portal on its website.

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