Forge A New Path

ForgeNow is looking for skilled trade workers, no strings attached

A new initiative from Dallas-based skilled trades academy ForgeNow is working to reskill returning veterans, formerly-incarcerated adults and recent immigrants for roles in HVAC and electrical repair. The LLC, which has programs for HVAC, medical coding, and electrician prospects, was approved by the Texas Workforce Commission initially. These programs “are built with input from the employer, structured for both the business and employee to have a successful long-term partnership,” ForgeNow says.

The company is working to help these often-overlooked demographics — who often need support re-entering the workforce — prepare for good-paying roles in the skilled trades as heating and cooling technicians and electricians. Through a partnership with Frisco (TX)-based fintech (financial technology) company Meritize, ForgeNow is offering tuition assistance and financing to help reward students’ past academic, military and work qualifications, giving a boost to veterans, returning citizens, and immigrants who may have gaps in their work experience or credit history.

It’s an interesting example of how trade schools and training providers are helping to meet booming demand for talent in the skilled trades by tapping into non-traditional populations.

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