3D Housing Completed

Habitat for Humanity, Alquist, Ferguson finish holiday project for Virginia family

Habitat for Humanity has built a strong reputation as one of the more capable community nonprofit organizations since its founding in 1976. This holiday season, it meshed that ethos with innovative technologies by implementing additive manufacturing (known to most as 3D printing) for one of its projects. On December 21, the organization known for building homes completed its first of the 3D printed variety for a Williamsburg, Virginia family.

The three-bedroom home with two full baths is the first-ever completed 3D printed Habitat house in the nation, the organization said. The innovative house used concrete in lieu of lumber to print the exterior walls. Also involved in the construction was sponsor Ferguson, the HVAC and plumbing company headquartered in nearby Newport News.

As for the 3D printing aspect, Habitat enlisted Alquist, a company that uses 3D printing technology to create design while aiming to lower the cost of housing and infrastructure in economically distressed and under-served communities. According to its webpage, Alquist also emphasizes rural communities.

“The gallery in attendance on the first day of winter in a Williamsburg subdivision reflected the culmination of the community partnerships that made it happen,” reads a Habitat press release on the project. “Representatives from Habitat for Humanity International, elected and public officials, local businesses, media, volunteers and supporters weathered the chilly morning to commemorate the achievement just four days before Christmas.”

The recipient of the gift, named April, had logged the required 300 volunteer hours to qualify for the Habitat Homebuyer Program. Habitat homebuyers must have income between 45-80% of the area median income, excellent credit and the ability to pay for their new Habitat home. Habitat homes are sold at no profit with a zero-interest equivalent, 20- to 30-year mortgage. April and her son will reside in the new home.

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