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Advertising Tip of the Month #2

Advertising in EASA show-related (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) issues can benefit an exhibitor greatly. Convention coverage begins with the May preview issue, June exhibitors information feature, and August coverage of convention events. Whether this is your first or your tenth time exhibiting at the annual EASA convention, Electrical Apparatus offers complimentary services such as booth […]

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Classified Advertising Monthly Tip #1

Grab the attention of the reader. The target audience for a classified ad will be drawn to the ad that makes every word count and has creativity. Highlight your ad with positive words such as “opportunity,” “success,” and “free” if they can fit into your message. For information on classified advertising in Electrical Apparatus look […]

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Make the most of your EA classified advertisement

In the constant update of technology, many small businesses wonder how effective classified advertising can be.  Questions such as: online classified sites versus print classified advertising or ‘how do I start composing my ad?’ come to mind, but how can a business owner decide which route to go with their possible classified advertisement? Janet Attard, […]

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