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Droplet Like It’s Hot

Precipitation power hits its stride in the hydro generation world This one isn’t for the cynics out there. Scientists from the City University of Hong Kong say their water droplet-based electricity generator allows a very high energy conversion efficiency with a thousand times more power density than other electric generators. No, it probably won’t have […]

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Better than a waterproof Roomba

Torqeedo’s  all-electric boat cleans up pollution in inland waterways and harbors. Torqeedo, a German manufacturer of electrically powered boats, has developed a new vehicle that can clean up pollution in inland waterways and harbors, The product, named Waste Cleaner 66, will meet the public at the International Nautic Boat Show in Paris-Porte de Versailles , […]

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And the winner is…

16 year old Louisa Wood takes Rockwell’s prize for her smart sump pump invention Talk about blessings in disguise — Her family’s overflowing sump pump turned out to be a passport to success. As high schooler Louisa Wood describes it, A Rockwell Automation mentor for my robotics team, Nicolet FEAR, FRC team 4786, encouraged all […]

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