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Welding human

Are robots, or humans, the future of welding?   “No human blacksmith can deal with parts the size of aircraft landing gear or have the reproducibility and stamina to make the parts needed for our economy….The idea of robotic blacksmithing is to extend the blacksmith’s art with new digital capabilities. ”  So writes Glenn S. […]

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Feel good about the future

The future of manufacturing is life-saving, creative, daring, exciting, resourceful, sustainable, efficient, and kind, with genius leadership Forbes magazine’s December issue features 30 Under 30 2020 Manufacturing and Industry- or, as Forbes also describes them, “young entrepreneurs building the future.” From new types of 3-D printing to “pantyhose that won’t rip,” the array of products, […]

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Pilgrims progress

What a difference a few centuries make!  You may remember learning of the hardships experienced by the English Puritans who boarded the intrepid ship Mayflower back in Anno Domini 1620? As recounted at Caleb Johnson’s, “The first half of the voyage went fairly smoothly, the only major problem was sea-sickness. But by October, they […]

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