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What Does Efficiency Really Mean for Your Power Consumption?

SPONSORED CONTENT What Does Efficiency Really Mean for Your Power Consumption? by Blake Bailey designmotors Efficiency is an incredibly important topic in our age for end users, manufacturers, and others involved in the electric motor industry. From lifecycle cost implications to debates over human impact on climate change, conversations about energy efficiency are everywhere. Industry […]

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Motor Performance Measurement Without a Dyno: A Portable Dynamometer

SPONSORED CONTENT Motor Performance Measurement Without a Dyno: A Portable Dynamometer by R. Gene Smiley, PE Motor Diagnostic Systems Note: Sources for figure and citations listed at bottom of post as well as in the extended version of the article. ABSTRACT There are many scenarios where a quick, accurate validation of motor performance is valuable […]

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SPONSORED CONTENT Air Contaminants That Affect Carbon Brushes, Motors, & Generators by Benjamin Tenholder, Design & Application Engineering Morgan Advanced Materials A carbon brush is the part of the motor that conducts electrical current between the stationary wires (stator) and the rotating wires (rotor) of a motor or generator.  A brush riding on a commutator develops […]

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