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Plug Ambassadors

MIT is making outlets smarter and safer using the Internet of Things Internal arc resistance is a major part of electrical safety, right down to the ground floor of household appliances. The identification and containment of internal arc faults is the main duty of switchgear, which is built with the ability to withstand them. New […]

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Schneider Electric announces virtual main arc flash mitigation system

Schneider Electric, a global energy management company, has introduced the Virtual Main Arc Flash Mitigation System. It is designed to improve worker safety and enhance electrical system reliability by reducing arc flash energy on low-voltage switchgear and switchboards, including the main incoming power distribution switchboard. According to Schneider, the system is “a new concept which […]

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Shermco Industries enters exclusive agreement with FLIR

Shermco Industries, the Irving, Tex. provider of testing, repair, training, maintenance and analysis of rotating apparatus and electrical power distribution systems, has entered into an exclusive agreement to sell FLIR Infrared Windows. The windows are a safety product installed on electrical cabinets to safeguard electrical workers from the risk of hazardous arc flash incidents. FLIR […]

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