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Elon to the Rescue?

Tesla CEO says he wants to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid from scratch Elon Musk continues to evoke pondering over whether he is human or an aspiring superhero. In his latest installment, Musk publicly stated interest in rebuilding Puerto Rico’s demolished electrical grid from the ground up—using solar energy—in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The […]

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Based On Efficiency

Army base camps improving sustainability practices The U.S. Army continued to demonstrate technologies to improve energy efficiency at base camps during an integrated exercise at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, from mid-May through June 17. The exercise at the Base Camp Integration Laboratory, or BCIL, was a part of the Sustainability Logistics Basing — Science Technology Objective Demonstration, or […]

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Braking the Mold

In Philly’s transit system, motors are generators The screech of SEPTA wheels can now evoke a smile at the thought of innovation and money saved. Philadelphia’s transit system recently finalized and released its plans for a battery storage network capable of conserving large percentages of energy by way of regenerative braking methods. The official implementation […]

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