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Insert ‘Top Gun’ Reference Here

Electric flight training program, other aviation news in growing sector One half of the Solar Impulse team that was first to circumnavigate the globe in an electric/solar-powered airplane in 2016, Andre Borschberg is a renowned aviator. His current project, H55, is a training-based program that debuts this Friday in Switzerland. A press conference unveiling the […]

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Solar Records Set

Piccard’s flight, California’s grid augment promise of renewable energy source Late July: a great time for beaches, seasonal flowers, and solar energy production. When temperatures hit the 90s and stay there for days, the heat can be intrusive for many, but it’s a time when these areas flourish. The state of California exhibited the potential of solar energy […]

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Picc of the Litter

Would you like smog with that? Here’s an effective method of raising environmental awareness: just rub their face in it. Guests at a recent ceremony at the Musée de’l Homme in Paris were offered “Smog Tasting” by the World Health Organization. It came in the form of “prepared meringue desserts exposed to the pollution levels […]

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