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Linear Function

Add a capital ‘H’ and you’re anything but ‘unstable’. Brad Hunstable and his budding company, Linear Labs, just keep on racking up accolades. If you look at the press coverage, both the man and the motor he pioneered are anything but the world contained in his last name—”unstable”—in fact, that capital ‘H’ rings of reliability. […]

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A Motor For EVs and Plant Machinery?

Scooters, bikes, electric cars…even wind turbines could get a lift Brad Hunstable of Linear Labs swears his company’s motor is nontraditional. The Texas based outfit considers itself a “smart motor company” and is headed by Hunstable and his father, who’s been working on motors and scores of other industrial equipment since the 1970s. What Linear […]

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Motor Entrepreneurs

Father/son duo links high-profile with grit-and-grind A Silicon Valley entrepreneur has teamed up with a hands-on member of an older generation in an attempt to make more powerful and efficient electric motors that the two hope can be used on everything from ceiling fans to drones. Brad Hunstable, known for his startup video streaming service Ustream, […]

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