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Trash & Trade

China puts its foot down, complicating waste problem Even if you aren’t an environmental nut, you may have noticed in the news a trend of trash heaps cropping up around the world. The waste issue, oft-overlooked in much of society, but combated by recycling advocates at a spiked pace of late, has spread from mere landfills […]

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Territorial Tariffs

Chinese imports targeted; steel/aluminum modified The U.S. government announced plans to add more tariffs March 22, preparing to impose stiff increases on Chinese imports. It also modified the section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum in the past week. The goal of the former is to reduce the U.S. trade deficit with China by $50 […]

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Precipitation Power

Solar panel technology could turn raindrops into electric power Graphene is back, and this time it’s an all-weather event. The amorphous, multi-capability material has been highly researched by scientists over the last few decades, as they are eager to utilize its unique properties for a number of applications, namely exponentially heightened efficiency rates and alternative […]

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