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Cloud Cover

From CEOs to shop owners, cloud savvy is producing Barron’s released its list of the 30 best leaders in business, 2018 edition, this week. A main theme covered by the business magazine is that these CEOs have navigated the emergence of ‘cloud’ technology effectively. While this mostly applies to tech companies, it also included companies […]

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Hannover Messe 2018

Bionic fish, 3D-printed shoes…the world’s biggest trade show never fails to impress The world’s largest trade show is in full swing this week, and the 2018 edition shows yet again how much technology and manufacturing have come together. At Hannover Messe in Germany,  which is running all week, integration of the two fields often viewed […]

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Find Your Cloud

HVAC industry offers new technologies Like many other sectors of service, the HVAC industry is adapting to new technologies and integrating cloud-based advancements into its framework. Hesitant though some may be to welcome these at first, touch-screen phobias are often dispelled by the many advantages of digital synchronization. Here are a few examples: Releases of […]

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