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Positions Available

Latest jobs report shows positive signs for manufacturing The latest BLS jobs report: Highs, lows, with a side of salt. Job openings have hit an all-time high. That sounds good, but many experts are heeding caution. Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector is performing at an unexpectedly robust level, continuing a pattern that has now powered through […]

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Blacklist of Grievances

The DOL’s Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order is finally here, for better or for worse Wednesday was a dreaded one for a lot of manufacturers. It marked the finalization of the DOL’s Executive Order No. 13673, Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces, originally signed back in July 2014. Under this “Blacklisting Rule”, federal contractors are required to […]

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Retirement Plans

State retirement initiatives get guidance from U.S. D.O.L. The U.S. Department of Labor is hoping to provide a way for Millennials to structure retirement plans more easily. The name of the program is myRA, designed for people who may not have access to a retirement savings plan through their employer. This is the case for nearly 70 […]

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