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Power Controllers

3DFS plans ahead for grid distribution in a digital world In an effort to find a permanent solution to the historically nagging problem of electricity loss during distribution, 3DFS LLC has developed an innovative energy technology with unique capabilities. It is a computer system built with a combination of computer and power electronics roughly the […]

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Sie Change

Siemens begins two major ventures for the future Siemens’ CEO Joe Kaeser announced in the fall of 2016 that the company would harbor a cautious approach in the coming year. So much for that. While Kaeser was mainly referring to mergers and acquisitions, its now clear he was playing a strategic hand of sorts. A […]

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Digitalized Heavy Machinery

Honeywell’s latest bid demonstrates prevailing trend On August 15, Honeywell International, the Morris Plains, N.J.-based manufacturing conglomerate, put $3 billion on the table in an offer to acquire JDA Software Group, Inc. The acquisition is still in limbo (challenged by an alternative offer by private equity firm Blackstone Group LP) but demonstrates an important prevailing trend […]

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