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Touchscreen Tags

Researchers use electric field tomography to turn anything into a touchpad Student inventors at Carnegie-Mellon are showing the world a more universal version of the touchscreen. With the use of direct current and electric field tomography, researchers at the Pittsburgh university reported last month the application of electrode-laced spray paint on everything from walls to […]

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Directly Connected

Don’t Call it a comeback… DC has been here for years, but it’s currently approaching a revival. The variety of electrical current is often viewed as secondary to the longtime dominance of AC (alternating current) in most mainstream applications. But it’s been here, under the radar. Besides being a useful source of wordplay for some journalists’ […]

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Happy Holidays from D&C!

Next newsletter will be published on 1/7/16 With 2015 coming to a close, we’d like to thank all of our subscribers, advertisers, and readers- print and digital alike- for their support and loyalty. We’ve had a great year and hope everyone else has, too. The Direct & Current e-news will be taking a one week hiatus and will […]

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