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Insert ‘Top Gun’ Reference Here

Electric flight training program, other aviation news in growing sector One half of the Solar Impulse team that was first to circumnavigate the globe in an electric/solar-powered airplane in 2016, Andre Borschberg is a renowned aviator. His current project, H55, is a training-based program that debuts this Friday in Switzerland. A press conference unveiling the […]

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Above the Clouds

NASA has plans to take electric motors and generators to new heights On Tuesday, NASA made its first official announcement regarding plans to use electricity to power airplanes in the future. This tweet appeared around 5 PM: Hybrid-Electric Propulsion will power the aircraft of the future. https://t.co/KPczzzJA7B #AIAASciTech pic.twitter.com/Czoa9gn4iK — NASA Glenn Research (@NASAglenn) January […]

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