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Lithium-Ion Questions

Battery storage enters its boom-or-bust phase A recent fire at an APS (Arizona Pubic Service) battery storage facility in Surprise, Arizona was unfortunately not the first such incident for the company. Eight firefighters were injured in the April 19 incident, which made national news, but the extreme dryness and heat of the state and region […]

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NYC Blue

Transformer explosion in Queens turns the sky neon-blue A transformer explosion at a major utility in New York City made national headlines December 27, when the electrical surge at a Con Edison substation in the borough of Queens caused an electrical fire that turned the NYC night sky a vibrant, eerie shade of blue. Via […]

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Fatal Explosion

Dissolved filter separator cap ignites at Austrian natural gas plant A fatal explosion at an Austrian natural gas facility caused one death and left at least 18 others injured Tuesday. The plant’s operator—Gas Connect—is a major natural gas distributor for several European countries. Countries including Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia are connected via the […]

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