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Mizzou MEMs

Missouri engineering students to collaborate with Honeywell Administrators at the University of Missouri have signed an industry agreement with Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies centered around R&D for big data analytics and Micro-Electrical-Mechanical systems (MEMs) that can assist with national security. Missouri’s College of Engineering faculty, staff and students will partner on the project to […]

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Digitalized Heavy Machinery

Honeywell’s latest bid demonstrates prevailing┬átrend On August 15, Honeywell International, the Morris Plains, N.J.-based manufacturing conglomerate, put $3 billion on the table in an offer to acquire JDA Software Group, Inc. The acquisition is still in limbo (challenged by an alternative offer by private equity firm Blackstone Group LP) but demonstrates an important prevailing trend […]

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Collect to compete- HVAC guys round up the mercury

Mercury is officially in retrograde- at least within the HVAC/HVACR industry. The Thermostat Recycling Corporation recently reported a 13% increase in collections of mercury-based thermometers over the past year. The TRC accredits a large portion of this effort to distributors and contractors in the HVAC industry, who are the main supporters of the Alexandria, Virginia-based […]

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