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Dispatch from a hurricane disaster area When Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico September 19, the island had already experienced catastrophic damage and power outages from two hurricanes in two previous weeks. In terms of nature’s unforgiving force, worse was still to come. In terms of human recovery, the worst was far off.  In […]

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Call It “Good P.R.”

Tesla, Sonnen initiate Puerto Rico grid rebuild  50 days after the onslaught of Hurricane Maria knocked out its already fragile power grid, Puerto Rico’s problems are far from over. At least half the island’s residents remain without power, and U.S. assistance provided by FEMA tripped on its first attempt when it was forced to cancel a […]

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Powering the Powerless

Yamaha lends a hand in Puerto Rico Yamaha Motor Corp. USA’s Outdoor Power Equipment Division has announced that it is donating nearly 400 generators to the Red Cross for its disaster relief efforts. Yamaha announced in a press release Tuesday that it is donating both its 2000-watt and 2800-watt inverter generator models to the Red […]

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